Carn Mor Dearg Arête and Ben Nevis Summit

Paul got in touch with me this week about going for Ben Nevis which didn't seem quite as exciting as our last climb.  I was glad to find out we were going to do the route via a ridge then a steep climb up to the summit of Nevis.  We also had Seb join us on this long day.

Throughout our nine hour day we experienced stunning views of the north face with long shadows casting down the valley.  As we left later in the day to catch the evening light we could see a few other groups silhouetted in the distance, showing off the size of what we had ahead of us.  Once we had completed the ridge and made our way to the summit of Ben Nevis it was steep and icy.  I had my moment slipping and sliding until my axe did its job.  Below is a photo of Paul after he slipped and went past me towards the cornice.  Thankfully those were our only moments but were enough for us to stop for a minute.  

Johny Cook3 Comments