With Jenny Tough and Montane

I'd first heard of Jenny a couple of years ago when she took on a solo, unsupported, 1000km run across the Tien Shan Mountains in Kyrgyzstan.  What a badass!  I got in touch with her via Twitter and hoped one day we would get to work on a project together.

Earlier this year I had the chance, Jenny dropped me an email about doing a fast packing shoot with Montane and I jumped at the opportunity!  The original plan got scrapped at 11pm the night before leaving and was changed to Skye due to weather.  The new plan was for an overnight bothy run where we carry in all our gear.  Our route was simple and pretty direct.  We left from Kilmarie, into Camasunary, straight up Sgurr na Stri, down to Loch Courisk, stay the night at a bothy and then make our way back to the car via the coastal route and Bad Step.

The run went really well with us only having one issue.  The bothy wasn't open and we had to run the following days kilometres in the dark so we could stay at a bothy back in Camasunary, all part of the fun!  For me, the challenge was running while carrying all my camera gear.  This wasn't on a nice flat road but rather steep inclines, scrambles, river crossings and plenty of heather bashing!  Shooting in between running definitely tested my legs and right arm after holding the camera for most of the journey but this job was brilliant, up there in the favourites!  Below are some images from the shoot of Jenny making it look easy!

Go be inspired by Jenny - http://www.jennytough.com   

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