Off To The Mountains, Back Soon!

Over the past 18 months I have noticed that it is pretty easy to spend a lot of time behind the computer, either editing or keeping up with emails.  This comes with the job, and I am not complaining about it - I absolutely love being a photographer. But its important to get outside.

I always read about the importance of having a great work-life balance but mine is definitely sporadic.  There are a variety of tips online and recommendations for companies to work for who give the best work-life balance but it is really what works for yourself.  A lunchtime walk, evening run or biking with friends can make all the difference.

This weekend called for a bit more than a run around the city after a long week of working at the computer and drinking far too much tea.  We decided to head up 1,800 metres to stay the night at the Mueller Hut in the Southern Alps, which was far enough away from the emails and editing.

The Mueller Hut is about a 5 hour trek up to the top, including our various photo and snack stops. The walk starts with a nice gravel path then moves onto a few steps, 2,200 to be exact!  I had heard about the steps but nothing prepares you for the sheer number and steepness of them. As I type this two days later, my calves are still contracted.  After doing what felt like a never-ending Stairmaster 2000, we reached Sealy Tarns (the top of the stairs). The rest of the hike involved rock hopping, and a snow filled push to the ridge.  Throughout this hike there are great views, but when we reached the ridge we were greeted with 360 degree views of high peaks and glaciers. Then, 30 minutes more along the ridge, and we were glad to see our accommodation for the night. Although peaceful, every now and then you would hear a crack and rumble from ice falls on the glaciers.

Of course I am typing this while back in front of my computer with tea but shifting through the images reminds me to get my ass back outdoors.